As the year winds down, it’s once again time to spotlight our annual 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare.

Modern Healthcare has reported all year on efforts by healthcare organizations and companies to formulate new strategies, taking a lead in reshaping an industry that acknowledges the need to become more patient-, customer- or member-centric. Our understanding of those organizations and their leaders, along with reader voting, helps shape the list.

What makes someone influential? They are in the C-suite, setting the bar high for others by making strides internally and raising their voices to speak out on local, state, and national issues that directly affect healthcare. The executive at the top of our list this year checks both of these boxes.

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There are some on our list who have taken real steps to better care for their workforce while also advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and establishing a pipeline for future workers. There are some, branded as disruptors just a few years ago, who have achieved such scale that ‘disruptor’ just doesn’t fit anymore – but that doesn’t mean more traditional organizations aren’t watching their every move. And there are others seeking to do a better job of being closer to the communities they serve, both in terms of the services needed and physical proximity. 

On this year’s list are many who’ve perennially made our ranking for the clout and influence they wield to effect (mostly) positive change. This year there are also 25 newcomers, a sign of people moving up through the ranks and being given the opportunity to lead by example and wield their influence.

Here’s how this year’s list shakes out.